Monday, March 16, 2009

The Three Pillars : Christ our Center Point

Boaz and Jachin, two pillars, stood in the porch of Solomon's Temple, the first Temple in Jerusalem (1 Kings 7:21; 2 Kings 11:14; 23:3).

Boaz ("fleetness, strength") stood on the left, and Jachin ("founding"), also spelled Jakin (יָכִין, Standard Hebrew Yaḫin, Tiberian Hebrew Yāḵîn) stood on the right.

Quoted from Manly P. Hall's "Secret Teachings of all Ages" p.307-8

"The right Tablet of the law (Moses' Decalogue) further signifies Jachin-the white pillar of light; the left Tablet, Boaz-the shadowy pillar of darkness. These were the names of the two pillars cast from brass set up on the porch of King Solomon's Temple...On top of each pillar was a large bowl-now erroneously called a ball or globe-one of the bowls probably containing fire and the other water. The celestial globe (originally the bowl of fire), surmounting the right-hand column (Jachin), symbolized the divine man; the terrestrial globe (the bowl of water), surmounting the left-hand column (Boaz), signified the earthly man

Ten Commandments Are Built Upon The `pillar`: + 2 Criminals Crucified With Christ,, who was the center `pillar` + Biblical characters of the pillar


The symbolic meaning of the criminal on right, is the Adam ( masculine):
Light, Oral Law, Love, Practice, intuitive wisdom, mercy
RIGHT is associated with Abraham ( right pillar ) + Virgin Mary + Jachin (right pillar)

CHRIST --- Messiah ------ crucified in the middle --------- Moses, given the 10 commandments ---------( Jacob's pillar, of Bethal ) ----- The `Word` made Flesh, Jesus Christ the Son of God (IHVH)


The symbolic meaning of the criminal on left, is the Eve ( feminine):
Dark, Written Law, Discipline, Theory, rational intellect, judgement
LEFT is associated with Boaz ( left pillar ) + Isaac + Mary Magdalene

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